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Put your financial progress on autopilot.

Build credit, tackle debt, and save thousands – automatically.

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Bad credit is expensive

Having a credit score of 720 could save you $6,000 dollars on your next car.

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Mary saved $6,000+ thanks to her better Credit Score.*

How Ava Works

Ava’s features build credit fast and lowers your monthly payments. Reach your financial goals with just a few taps.

 Build credit, effortlessly

Build credit, effortlessly.

Ava makes it easy to build credit with automated solutions. They're proven to protect you from missed payments, lower your credit usage rates, and improve your on-time payment history.

Access big savings with an improved score

Access big savings with a better score.

We find the best deals for you with your improved credit score. Save thousands on auto, personal, and home loans, Ava is continuously looking for the best rates for you.

Lower your payments and get up to $200 cashback.

We are always looking for ways to lower your monthly payments. Even better, we give you up to $200 cash back every time you get a loan through one of our partners. Its a win win for you!

Built for builders, planners and dreamers.

Ava is for anyone who wants to take back control of their lives from debt and bad credit. It only takes one tap to get started and save thousands.

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Things happen in life - medical emergencies, divorce, or layoffs. It's not your fault but other financial institutions don't care. You just need someone on your side.

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You have a clear goal that you're working towards, whether it's a home, new car, or you just want to get out of debt. You know what you want and Ava will get you there.

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Not everyone has a credit history. We'll help you lay the foundation for a bright financial future, whether you just graduated or are new to the country.

Don’t just take our word for it

Meet the real people who have used Ava to build their financial future.

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Tammy Jones Gray

September 29, 2021

This app is great. The credit building card is used for a small loan, which is put in a Ava acct, and paid back by using the $$ in the acct, in small monthly payments. There are a couple other options to choose from which are credit building also!! luv'n it so far.
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Jason L Cannaday

August 13, 2021

What a wonderful app. Great idea for such a thing. I connected a friend of mine with this app and he actually talked to someone and they are going to together help build something wonderful. I hope you do for her and great things with this app and if you ever need anyone to give you a positive recom...
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Luma Munjy

July 15, 2021

Really like this app. Needed to improve my score to get approved for a car loan. I was sceptical at first but it worked and it's pretty simple to use. No gimmicks. Love that they show me my score and improve it for me. Don't have to go somewhere else to figure this out myself. Much more useful than ...

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We take privacy seriously

We never sell your data or save your banking login. All your personal information is kept safe with 256-bit encryption.

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