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We help you build credit and save money – automatically. It’s that easy.

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Credit Builder Card

Build credit by using less credit.

  • No interest or fees. Instant approval. Credit limit up to $2500 if you qualify.

  • Use your card to pay for online expenses like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon subscriptions. Weekly autopay builds credit faster.

  • We report your progress to the credit bureaus. Scores go up in as little as 30 days.


Savings Builder

Build credit while building your savings.

  • Set aside as little as $21 per paycheck in your locked Ava account.

  • Build credit with every on-time payment.

  • Access ALL your savings after completing the plan. It’s all yours, at 0% interest!


Credit score monitoring

Access your credit score to stay on track.

  • Check your credit score weekly.

  • Access insights into what's impacting your score.

  • Get notifications when you fall behind on payments



Save money with an AI assistant.

  • Automatically looks for the lowest interest rates for you.

  • Refinance existing debt or get the best deals without any work.

  • Searches credit cards, personal loans, and auto loans.


Personalized financial plan

Ava builds a plan tailored to you

  • Everyone’s financial goals are different.

  • You deserve a plan built just for you.

  • Tap on the recommendations and we do the rest.